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September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Jariel Nagish

Jariel Nagish was born in a small farming town on the outskirts of the Kingdom of Havea.  For the first few years, he lived a happy life.  His father taught him the basics to farming and his mother taught him other skills, such as cooking.  It was a happy time in his life, but good things rarely last.

When he was nine years old, his parents were killed in a strange and unexplained accident.  All he was told of it is that on their way back to the farm, a strange storm had come out of nowhere.  His parents died during the fury of the elements.  He heard whispers and rumors of something strange about the accident, but he was never able to find out exactly what had happened.

With the death of his parents, he was now alone.  He had to take charge of the farm and keep things going.  Luckily for him, his father hired a few farm hands before his passing.  The farm hands helped guide him.  They did what they could for him out of respect for his father.

When he was 15, a small carriage passed his farm during a horrible rain storm and broke one of its wheels.  The passengers were forced to take refuge for the night.  One of them was a young woman who was a school teacher.  She was two years older than him, but there was a spark.  The two talked the whole night and into the morning.  The rain let up and the driver was quick to work at fixing the broken wheel.  Shortly after, all the passengers took off.

Despite the fact that she left, Jariel could not forget her.  During their talks, she told him that she was going to teach in a nearby town.  He decided to travel there and see her again.  She seemed surprised to see him, but was genuinely happy.  This went on for some time.  He even took some of her classes and learned to read.  Unfortunately, happy endings are something of fairy tales.  Two years later, when he was 19, this happy little relationship would be shattered.




Jariel sat reading his favorite book, "The Mourning Star."  It was given to him by the love of his life.  He had read it three times already, but enjoyed it none the less.  He put the book down and tied it closed with a beautiful silk ribbon.  It too was given to him by the woman he loved.

"Okay children, its time to start class," spoke the young math teacher.  Her name was Kesia.  She was the one that Jariel was in love with.  However, his feelings were not one sided, she returned his affections.  "Today we are going to study math."

He looked at her.  She was so beautiful.  Not just physically, but as a person.  She spent her time teaching the less fortunate and trying to make others happy.  He loved to watch her teach, it seemed to give her such joy.  However, he wasn't there just to see her, he was there to learn.  She began with her lesson plan as she did everyday.  However, the class was soon interrupted by a knock at the door.

Kesia sighed.  "Hold on children.  I will see who it is."  When she opened the door, she saw a beautiful and young looking woman standing there.  Despite the way she looked, Kesia had the feeling that there was something unnatural about her.  "Yes, can I help you?"

The woman looked at Kesia.  "Yes, you can give the tithing to the Deevil Lord."

Jariel had not looked who was at the door until he heard those words.  When he looked over, he saw the woman standing there.  He recognized her as the witch Lavana.  She came by during the day when the night would show a full moon.  She collected a tribute from all the people in his town.  The tribute was not always gold, but could be anything.  This often meant livestock for sacrifices.

No one in his town challenged her power.  He had thought about it once, but the farm hands working for him begged him not to do it.  He was unsure of why, but he gave into their pleas.  However, he had never heard of her traveling this far before.  This was an unusual occurrence indeed.

"I don't recognize your Deevil Lord and I will pay no tithing to him," responded Kesia in a firm tone.  There was a touch of contempt within her voice.  Jariel had never heard her speak such before.  She was always so kind hearted, it was uncharacteristic of her.  It was almost as if she was taking it personally.

The woman began, "Pay the tribute little girl or…"  She was cut off by the comments of Kesia

"I will do nothing of the sort, you coward!  You may scare others into doing whatever you say through your tactics.  But I will have no part of it."

Jariel watched in awe.  He had never seen anyone speak to Lavana like that before.  He didn't know what to say.  He knew it wasn't wise to talk to Lavana in such a way, but he couldn't help but respect the stand that Kesia was taking.

The witch looked at Kesia.  At first, she seemed angry.  However, the anger did not seem to last.  She began to smile.  However, the smile gave no comfort.  It was not friendly, nor did it convey happiness, at least not in the typical sense.  She spoke "Very well.  You need not pay the tithing then."

The witch lifted her hand and pointed to the sky.  She began to speak in an ancient and archaic tongue.  The sky began to darken and a cold wind blew through the entire town.  The sound of shudders and doors to slamming shut were covered by the howls of the wind.  A hard rain began to pour drenching everything in sight.

Drops of rain seeped through the top of the small school house.  The children were nervous.  Jariel tried to comfort them.  He found it rather difficult because he too was scared.  Finally, he began to settle down the class.  However, the trouble he had just gone through was soon proved futile as the loud crackling of lightning could be heard streaking passed the building.  It was close, most likely hitting the very next building over.  The children were completely panicking now.

Jariel knew there was nothing he could do to calm them down.  He turned and looked at Kesia.  She was their teacher and they respected her, perhaps she could have more luck then him.  As he looked at her, he saw that she was staring at Lavana, standing unhinged in clear defiance of the witch.

Lavana brought her down from over her hand and pointed at Kesia.  Jariel knew that this could only mean trouble.  He tried to get Kesia out of the way, putting his own life in danger if need be, but he wasn't fast enough.

The witch spoke but a few words that they could understand, and it was these words that would haunt Jariel for the rest of his life.  As she pointed at Kesia, she spoke, "I curse you with sickness to the day you die."

With that, Kesia fell limp.  Jariel caught her in his arms.  Lavana simply laughed.  The weather began to return to normal.  The witch gathered the tributes that she had already collected and loaded them onto her black unicorn.  Jariel looked at her.  Hatred burned in his eyes.  He wanted to act, to take revenge right then and there.  However, he couldn't leave Kesia.  He needed to stay with her.  Lavana rode off into the wilderness, no one else dared to follow.

The witch had cursed Kesia with a horrible and pain wrenching sickness.  In her wake the town lay ablaze from the ravaging of the storm.  After the incident, half the town had been killed.  Those who lived were forced to try and cope and rebuild.




The witch had cursed Kesia with a horrible sickness.  For the next two months, Jariel stood by her side.  He did not leave her, no matter what.  He neglected the farm and, despite the farm hands helping, it began to fail.  Ultimately, he ended up selling it to try and pay for a healer that could help her.  But it was all for naught.  No one was able to heal her illness; this includes the priests he begged to help and the psychic healers which he hired.  All were powerless.




Jariel stood by her bed.  For the last two months, Kesia had been consumed with horrible pains.  She had suffered greatly for her defiance of the witch, Lavana.  For the moment, she slept.  He looked at her, tears filled his eyes.  He knew she wasn't going make it much longer.

She began to move.  She looked up and saw Jariel next to her.  Through the pain, he could tell she was smiling.  "You are still here."  Her voice was weak and could barely be heard.

He held her hand and responded, "I will always be here."

"I know we did not spend much time together before this happened.  But I want you to know, our time meant more to me than anything."

"Do not speak like that, please."  His voice began to crack as he was overcome by sadness.  "You speak as though this is the end."

"Forgive me for not being able to be with you longer, my love."  She looked at him as her face went blank.

Jariel began to cry.  Had his emotions not gotten the best of him at that moment, he may have noticed that the lips of Kesia were still moving.  She was trying to say something, but her voice was too weak to be heard.  Perhaps if he had gotten closer, he could have heard what she was trying to tell him, but instead her words went unnoticed.  He stood by her side crying.




Jariel mourned Kesia for a week before he moved on.  He gathered the last few items he still owned and went on a quest to find the witch Lavana.  He armed himself with his grandfather's Fuscina.  It was used by his grandfather to ward off against Wolfen attacks before the truce.  It was a favored weapon by his family because it was similar to a pitch fork and made it an easier weapon to handle for a farmer.

For the next two years, he hunted for Lavana.  However, the two never crossed paths.  It was almost as if she had been avoiding him.  He did everything he could think of to find her.  He even studied some things about witch craft to try and track her down.  But it all seemed useless.  Nothing he did seemed to work.




Two years to the day that Kesia passed away, Jariel found himself by a creek.  He was leaning against a large oak thinking about how futile it all was.  He had been looking for the witch Lavana for two years, and he has found no signs of her.  His revenge was the only thing that had kept him going.  However, it was beginning to seem that he would be denied.

He drew his dagger and stared at it for a time.  He thought about if he ended it all right then and there, he may be able to still find Kesia in the next life.  This was not the first time this thought had crossed his mind, but some thing was different this time.  He raised the dagger and placed the point against his neck, prepared to drive it straight through his throat.  He closed his eyes.

"Do not do it," softly whispered a voice.

Jariel could swear that the voice was that of Kesia.  He opened his eyes and quickly pulled away the dagger.  Before him stood a human warrior dressed in a suit of red scale mail.  She leaned on a five foot long sword and stared at him.  He realized that she was not Kesia, and that it must've been her voice that he heard.

"I know your pain," she said.

He knew he could trust this woman, though he could not explain the reason.  The answer to his troubles was not suicide.  He went to put the dagger away when he noticed a drop of blood on it.  He touched his neck and noticed that he had slightly pierced it.  It was nothing serious, but the dagger had begun to sink its way into his skin.  Until that moment, he hadn't been sure if he would have gone through with it earlier.  But now, he had no doubt.  Had the woman not interrupted him, he would not be alive.




The female warrior introduced herself as Lady Sandy, Dragon Slayer of the North.  She lead him to a make shift camp where she fed him.  She listened to his story.  As she listened, he could see a strange compassion in her, as if she truly understood his pain.  After telling his story, he felt a sense of relief.  It was as if a piece of his pain was gone.  Perhaps it was simply telling the tale for the first time, perhaps it was something more.

After the meal and talk, he fell asleep and had a dream.  However, it seemed more like a vision than a dream.  He could see in the distance a beautiful dam like building.  It stretched for a good 200 yards.  The river seemed to run through it.  The construction was very old, but looked brand new, as if it were just constructed.  There was snow covering the ground, but it was oddly absent around the keep.  Around the structure were 300 yards of well trimmed grass and a few scattered trees.  It was indeed an extraordinary piece of architecture, most likely ancient dwarven.

When he awoke, he had an overwhelming feeling that he needed to head there as quickly as possible.  He could not explain the feeling, nor could he deny it.  He looked around, but the woman was gone.  He was alone at the campsite was gone.  There was a large red female warhorse tied to a tree.  It had a large red leather saddle bag and two large saddle bags on it.  Within the bags there was a suit of red studded leather.  On the chest plate was a symbol of the Dragon Wright.

When quickly prepared to leave.  As he packed away his bed roll, he discovered a Dragon Coin in mint condition.  It was apparently another gift left by his mysterious benefactor.  He could not help but wonder at the intentions of the Lady Sandy.  Of course, that was assuming that she was the one that was helping him and not someone else.

Through reasons he can't explain it, he knew that the dam he saw in his vision was located near Circle Lake.  It would be a long trek, at the very least 10 days, most likely more.  He began to think about the structure.  He could remember reading in some of his studies about witchcraft that a dam near Circle Lake served as a witch coven over 10,000 years ago.  He was sure that it was one and the same.  He headed there to settle the overwhelming need he felt inside and hoped that he would find the witch that he had been seeking there as well.