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The Purifiers

September 05, 2015

demoIn the Millennium of Purification, a group of Elves and Dwarves join forces to purge the world of the dark magicks they themselves once helped unleash. Is there a chance to make up for their sins of the past and restore order to the world? Find out in the serial fan fic: The Purifiers.

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May 05, 2015

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September 05, 2015

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Jun Nekkara

The night sky is lit up by the fire as a small village burns. In the midst of the flames, a figure stands laughing. The laugh sounds like pure evil. The flames don't reveal figures features, instead just help to increase the shadows around him. The village is laid waste to, all that stands is ablaze.

A chiming can be heard in the distance. The shadowy figure stops laughing and looks to see who would be so foolish to cross his path. A monk walks out of the flames. He holds a staff in his hands. The top of the staff is highly decorated and has two snakes forming a circle. From the snakes hang three rings on each side. His hat covers his eyes. He stands at least two feet taller than the figure. He walks calmly through the town.

The shadowed figure looks at him and smiles. "Another lamb to the slaughter."

The monk stops and stands there. The figure sweeps his hand across the air. The ground beneath him shakes and begins to fly up into the air as a shockwave flies towards the monk. The debris flying up in the air conceals the monk from the figures sight. The figure looks around. "Where did you go monk? You are only delaying the inevitable."

Then, the figure has a sense of where the monk has gone; he looks up into the air and sees the monk coming down. The monk throws his staff and it lands at the feet of the figure. A bright golden light shines from the staff. The figure covers his eyes and steps back. The monk lands on his feet and walks up to the figure.

The figure looks up at the monk and smiles. With a single punch, he sends the monk on his back. As the monk falls, he takes hold of his staff again. The figure looks down at him, "Foolish monk. It will take more than a simple ward to hurt me."

The monk looks up at him and gets to his feet. The monk simply stands aside as the figure lunges at him. As the figure goes rushing passed, the monk brings the back of his staff down on the back of the figure. The figure goes crashing down to the ground hard. He turns onto his back and prepares to leap back to his feet. However, he sees the staff of the monk pointing down at him. The tip of his staff touching is the figure's forehead. The monk says one word, "Bind." A bright blue light fills the town.

The next morning, a young boy wakes up in a house in rubbles. He hears a woman calling a name, "Jun, Jun."

He looks up a bit confused. He mumbles, "Is that me?"

The woman looks old enough to be his mother. She embraces the young boy, "Oh thank, Kami, you are alive"

"What…what happened?"

"Never mind that now. All that matters is that you are okay."

In the distance, the monk from the night before stands watching. He walks away, the rings still making a slight chiming sound. He walks out of the town to never be seen again. The crisis was over. He hoped it remained that way.




When that incident happened, Jun was only 7 years old. Before the incident, his mind is a bit of a haze. He can't remember anything clearly. After that, his mother and him moved to a new town since their old one was in ruins.

At the age of 13, Jun began to have strange dreams. In them, a strange demon would attack his mother and everyone else he cared about. Jun would watch helplessly as the demon killed them. The nightmares persisted. Then, one day, a monk appeared in his dream wielding a mystic staff with two snake figures on the top. He defeated the demon; he then walked away without a word.

Jun chased after him, begging the monk for answers. Jun wished to know how to defeat demons like that. The monk did not reply. Then, he heard a woman's voice. The voice was soft and sweet. It made him feel comfortable. It told him that if he wanted to prevent the visions he saw from coming to pass, that he needed to open his mind and soul to her.

Jun debated on what to do. However, he knew he could not let the dreams come true. He decided to do everything he could to prevent them. It was at that moment that he opened himself to the voice he heard. The mysterious voice granted him the magical abilities that would help him to battle the forces of evil.

After gaining his new found abilities, Jun began to get headaches. Almost as if the magical energies in him were causing some type of problem. His mother suggested that he attend a local temple to help harness these new abilities. Before leaving home, his mother handed him a letter and made him promise not to open it. Jun agreed and was on his way.

When Jun reached the temple, he handed the priest the letter his mother had given him. The priest looked at it and then back at Jun. Something seemed to trouble the priest, but he never said what. The priest decided to teach Jun to become a priest and harness the powers that were given to him. The priest taught Jun that not all demons were evil and that they should always be given a chance for redemption. He stressed the fact that it was not right to kill. He wanted to make sure Jun understood this above all else.

After several years, Jun finished his apprenticeship under the priest. The priest suggested that Jun head out into the world on a path of self-discovery. Jun did as the elderly priest asked and left the temple. The first place he traveled was to see his mother. However, when he got there, he discovered she was gone. The house and all of her things were still there, but she was nowhere to be found. Jun asked around the town, but no one could help him.

He stood there for two weeks, but she never showed up. Finally, Jun decided that it was time to move on. He planned to come back after a short time to see if anything had happened. However, his plans were soon interrupted.

While he was traveling to the next town, he came across a sorcerer in the woods who was summoning a creature from another realm to do his bidding. However, when the creature arrived, the sorcerer did not have the skills to control it. The Spirit Wolf he had summoned killed the sorcerer and ran off. Jun pursued it to make sure that it would not kill anyone else.

He caught up to the Spirit Wolf in a small town not that far away. It had already killed five people when Jun arrived. Jun tried to reason with it, but it didn't seem to be willing to listen to reason. The Spirit Wolf leaped at him. Jun managed to step almost completely out of the way, but it still managed to catch his arm, biting it off with one clean move.

Jun screamed in pain, and fell to his knees. The Spirit Wolf came back around intending to finish him off. Jun looked at him and continued to try and reason with him. The Spirit Wolf looked at him. Something about Jun caused it to stop. It decided not to kill him.

After this, the two became friends. Jun decided to name him Garouki. Garouki decided to adopt the pacifistic ways of Jun and serves as his loyal companion. After a priest healed his wound, the two headed off on their journey. While traveling, the two meet a few new companions. One was a Shaolin monk and the other was a young girl who traveled with her own personal bodyguard.

After all of them had gotten together, they were kept busy dealing with one demon occurrence after another. Trying to protect the world from the demon hordes had distracted him from returning to check on his mother.


Note: There are several references in here to different aspects of Jun's past. I have ideas for many of them, but it is suggested you come up with your own plans first before reading the references listed below. After comparing my ideas to your own, you can most likely come up with the best story for it (should you decide to go into it).

Reference 1: The initial battle is Jun in his true demon form. His powers were greater at the time. However, after meeting the monk, his powers were sealed away and he turned back into his human form. However, when Garouki merges with him, it helps to awaken the demon within him (although now influenced a bit by Garouki). The tip of the monk's staff left a mark on his forehead the shape of a circle with to crossing lines that shows up when he turns back into demon form. The sword is a fragment of his powers that were sealed away by the monk.

Reference 2: After the higher power bestowed Jun with his magical abilities, the surge of magical energy began to reawaken the demon within him. The demon fed upon the extra energy to revive itself. However, after training with the monk, he learned to control his powers and, unbeknownst to himself, closed off his magical energies from the demon.

Reference 3: The letter his mother delivered to the priest was detailing Jun's true nature. The priest decided to teach Jun to be as pacifistic as possible to help keep the urges that his demon-self give him. The priest hoped that if he did not get as many violent desires, that the demon would have a more difficult time to awaken. However, the priest was truly unsure and only hoped that he was correct.

Reference 4: The disappearance of his mother is just for fun. I have no plans whatsoever with that. Why? Because it is something that deals more with the future and wouldn't be nearly as much fun to have a plan for it. Everything else deals more with his past so it is not as big of a deal.

Reference 5: Garouki, when staring at him, not only sensed the kindness within him, but also his demon side.