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Final Enclave V is an epic game that became a classic from the moment it was released. This is part of a series of games actually. The original was titled After the Bomb. It was set in an alternate universe were humans had been the dominate species, but after a post apocalyptic cataclysm animals were mutated and suddenly emerged. By current standards After the Bomb was a short game with poor graphics and severely outdated. But something about the unique setting and gritty style made fans want more.

Following in the line was an After the Bomb II game which followed up the main story, and a spin off with a similar feel but yet another alternate universe called Final Enclave, which though a different setting featured some of the same characters. The Final Enclave game did much better than expected, and replaced the entire After the Bomb universe. Each Final Enclave game has different stories, different characters, and quite often different universes.

Final Enclave V stars a character named Sky Discordia, a cheetah fighter who specializes in the sword. Additional characters include a jackal gunfighter, a hedgehog melee fighter, a fox archer, and a dove healer, as well as others that could be unlocked in various parts of the game or by beating it. It is a role-playing game with a beginning and an end, with the main antagonist being a silver furred sable, a clone of a villain from a previous game. Though one of the more interesting aspects of this game is that the story at the beginning, middle, and end can vary depending on which characters are selected.

While Sky Discordia is the star of the game, any of the main characters can be chosen as the starting character by the player. Though there are certain elements that remain a constant regardless of selections, each character has their own story and options as well as their own unique cut scenes. Different characters have different specialties and can give the game a different feel. The hedgehog has lots of close combat battles, the gunfighter will be closer to a shooter game, the fox archer involves a lot more puzzles, and Sky Discordia has a good balance of them all.

It could actually take hundreds of hours to go through all the options for just one of the characters, far longer for all of them. Some truly diehard gamers have spent over a year playing just to see every scene in the game. The game features what is referred to as a Randomizing A.I. Each level switches where and what types of villains are present making it impossible to memorize where they will appear. One flaw of this feature is that there is the occasional incident when an overwhelming number of opponents are placed in a single area which has led to many frustrating deaths.

Another interesting aspect to this game is the possibility of death, and enemy's looting the items of the characters. While this doesn't penalize the characters' personal gear this means if the characters die during a boss battle, the next time they face the boss it may be even more powerful by upgrading some of its equipment with the gear of the defeated characters, considered clones. Fighting a boss with powerful weapons but poor execution can make the boss nearly unbeatable and force a restart. While it does add an interesting element it has also caused great frustration to many gamers.

Due to its amazing popularity continued updates are put out for the game. This includes fixing bugs and new options including cut scenes, storylines, cities, weapons, and characters. These updates are free of charge and can be done for both the home and arcade versions. The dedication its creators have given to the game has only increased its popularity with fans.


Sky Discordia: One of the starting characters of the game. Sky is a female cheetah that specializes in using a sword in combat. She focuses on speed and strength. Her character has the most options in the game and perhaps the most diversity in play types. Whether her character is selected or not as the starting character, she still plays a large role in the story.

Han Holiday: One of the starting characters in the game. Holiday is a male jackal that is a gunslinger. His character relies on accuracy and power. Playing the game using this character is similar to playing a shooter game.

Lester Remington: One of the starting characters in the game. Remington is a male human that has psychic abilities. He specializes in intelligence and endurance. Using him helps focus the game on piloting. His psychic abilities can allow for a brief three second rewind to retry something called a Clairvoyant Step.

Teal Coldheart: One of the starting characters in the game. Coldheart is a male hedgehog that is close range fighter. He excels at strength and agility. Selecting him as the character gives the game elements similar to a fighting game.

Fi Sara: One of the starting characters in the game. Fi is a female fox that is a master archer and other targeting methods. She is best in areas of intelligence and speed. When she is used as a character the game focuses a lot more on puzzles and problem solving.

Aerial Charity: One of the characters that can be unlocked in the game. Aerial is a female dove that is an expert healer. Her character focuses on support and defense. While not a strong fighter she can use her herbs and other medicines to slow down, confuse, or even knock out an opponent.

Gil Lowtide: One of the characters that can be unlocked in the game. Gil is a male dolphin that is a water specialist and uses a special sonic weapon. He relies on accuracy and agility.


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